The Fairfax Fall Brawl's mission is to HAVE FUN while playing our great game. Take a break from recruiting events, all-star tournaments and play with your spring team!!

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Winter Thaw Tournament

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Date & Time:

Sunday, Feburary 21st, 2021

12:00pm - 9:00pm

19623 Evergreen Mills Road
Leesburg, Virginia


Scholastic High School Team Tournament Following NFHS Rules
Designed to Redevelop Scholastic High-School Team Unity, Connection and Camaraderie

Each team is guaranteed FOUR (2x18) games in a preset schedule.

Teams will be divided into 2 pools of 10 based on level of play

  Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
12:00 PM A3 v A4 A1 v A2 B3 v B4 B1 v B2
12:45 PM C3 v C4 C1 v C2 D3 v D4 D1 v D2
1:30 PM B1 v B5 B2 v B3 A1 v A5 A2 v A3
2:15 PM D1 v D5 D2 v D3 C1 v C5 C2 v C3
3:00 PM A1 v A3 A4 v A5 B1 v B3 B4 v B5
3:45 PM C1 v C3 C4 v C5 D1 v D3 D4 v D5
4:30 PM B1 v B4 B3 v B5 A2 v A4 A3 v A5
5:15 PM D1 v D4 D3 v D5 C2 v C4 C3 v C5
6:00 PM A2 v A5 A1 v A4 B2 v B5 B1 v B4
6:45 PM C2 v C5 C1 v C4 D2 v D5 D1 v D4
7:30 PM AB Final CD Final    

$75.00 per player
Fees Include:
THREE, 50-minute Games - ALL DIVISIONS
Custom Numbered T-shirt Jersey w/Logo
 2 Certified Officials on each game
Certified Athletic Trainers