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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What prompted the move to Evergreen?

As much as we were optimistic about the 2020 Fall Brawl operating as normal, it became clear after a few months at home that this would not be a normal year.  We were “on hold” for several months until Fairfax County made their final decision.  On August 7th, Fairfax County announced that no tournaments would be permitted on county or school fields for the remainder of 2020.  Luckily, we had a backup plan!

What kind of venue is Evergreen Sportsplex?

Evergreen Sportsplex in Leesburg, Virginia is a specially designed sports venue.  It’s not a park or open to the public.  Many of you are already familiar with this venue and we are thrilled to be hosting on an all turf fields.  Each full field will only use two Fall Brawl size fields this year to minimize crowding.

What about Covid-19 Protocols?

Since Evergreen is a widely-used facility and has already hosted many events, they are well-versed in Covid-19 Protocols and will be a great partner for this year’s event. Please click HERE to see the Evergreen process we will be using.

Why did you go to one weekend for all divisions?

Only one of our two normal weekends was available.  We plan to return to a normal boys and girls weekend for our 20th Anniversary in 2021.

Is there a format change for this year?

YES! For this year’s event, we will use a Playday format.  This means that ALL teams will have prescheduled games only without playoffs or championships.  This will allow ALL coaches, players and parents the ability to know their schedule in advance with the need to keep game results or standings in a central location which will minimize unnecessary crowding.

Will there be a schedule change for this year too?

YES! To minimize the number of people on-site, all teams will play in “compartmentalized” format.  This means that all teams will play all of their games within a five-hour period. This will keep crowds to a minimum and allow us to adhere to federal, state and local guidelines.

Will there be more or less teams this year?

Unfortunately, since we are only using 2 small fields per large field, we can only accommodate 192 maximum.  Last year we had over 250 teams.  This means that team slots will fill VERY quickly this year!

Will you still have retail merchandise available?

YES! We will be selling sweatshirts, t-shirts and other goodies as normal but will be an all “contactless” process using various payment method.  We may also have an online store for pre or post event purchases in case you missed your chance.